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We are presently accepting recommendations for interested, committed individuals to join the Board of Directors of the New York State Children’s Alliance, Inc. (“NYSCA”) for a two-year term beginning January 1, 2018.

In order to continue our efforts to maintain a productive and progressive Board for our State Chapter of Children’s Advocacy Centers, we need recommendations of potential Board members who possess the leadership skills needed to assist the organization in its future growth and development efforts.

All current and former Board members and member Center Directors are strongly encouraged to analyze and review your associates, colleagues, and acquaintances and to submit names for possible consideration.  We are currently seeking community board members with the following expertise/experience:

Fund Development          Public Relations/Marketing          Corporate Management

We are recruiting board members with local, regional or statewide board experience who recognize how essential the New York State Children’s Alliance, Inc. is in its support of Children’s Advocacy Centers throughout New York State. We seek to expand the Board to accurately reflect the ethnic, geographic and generational diversity of New York State.

Attached please find the Board Recommendation Form to assist in recommending new members to the Board.  If you wish to suggest one or more individuals, please complete the Board Member Recommendation Form and submit it along with a letter of recommendation to NYSCA.

When identifying appropriate Board Candidates, please review the attached Board Job Description and Expectations.  Board Candidates are expected to be able to meet all of the included requirements.

Your letter of recommendation need not be formal or lengthy.  We ask that you include as much pertinent information as possible regarding why you believe this individual would be an asset to the state chapter Board. Please identify how this candidate meets the recruiting criteria as outlined above.  This information will be helpful in determining where and how that individual might best be assigned (i.e. committees, projects, etc.) so as to make the best use of their strengths and talents.

Prior notification to the individual you are recommending for Board consideration is not mandatory.  The Ad Hoc Governance Committee will review all recommendations received. Please note that if we receive more recommendations than we have seats available on the Board, viable candidates may be invited to serve on a Board Committee and then be considered for a formal nomination in future years.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact Karen Hill at (716) 372-8532 or Linda Cleary at (315) 701-2985.  Thank you for your time.

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Board Job Description and Expectations

Board Member Recommendation Form