Sub-Award Grant Information

Sub-Award Grants for 2017

We are pleased to announce the opening of the sub-awardee process for the 2017 NCA RFP. Attached please find several documents to assist you with this process.

In order to start the process, please submit the following completed documents to


Required elements of the applications:

Sub-award Cover Page (signature required) pdf format (see below for form)

Program Narrative (include description of financial hardship)

Grant Budget and Narrative (see below for grant budget form)

Annual Program Budget

Job Descriptions/Resumes for personnel positions to be covered by sub-awardee funds in 2017

Current MOU/ Interagency Agreement (certification or the document itself if you do not have a current one on file)

Signed Sub-Awardee Cooperative Agreement (emailed individually)

Audit correspondence (if submitted). Please include this pages at the end of the application.

Please complete and return these documents  to by May 15, 2017. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 585-402-8086 or via email at Below you will find , the grantee guidelines, the sample cover page and budget form for your application, the RFP, list of allowable and unallowable costs and instructions on how to update your CAC profile.

10. 2017 Subawardee RFP – FINAL

3. 2017 Grantee Guidelines_0

9. 2017_subawardee_budget_form 

8. 2017 subawardee_cover_page-2

75. Allowable-Unallowable from RFP 2017_03. 2017 Grantee Guidelines_0

How to update my CAC profile_

Report 1 Information

You will need to complete two reports for your NCA sub-award.  One will be January-June and the other July-December.  In order to make the reporting process simpler, please take a look over the fiscal documentation documents, sample time sheet and report form before June!

Sample Reimbursement Request Form

Sample Effort Certification

Sample time sheet_1

Examples of Proof of Payment Documentation

Supporting Fiscal Documentation

13. 2017 Subawardee Fiscal Report Form_

1 12. 2017 Sub-awardee Budget Modification Form_0