Sub-Award Grant Information

Sub-Award Grants for 2014

Please note that the reports for the first half of the year are due on July 7, 2014 and reports for the second half of the year are due on January 5, 2015.   Late reports cannot be accepted.

Please use the following form to complete your fiscal report: 2014 Subaward Fiscal Report Form.  For the 2nd period report, please use the Report Tab 2 in your approved first period report file.  Contact if you need another copy of your approved first period report.

The fiscal report must be submitted as an excel spreadsheet.  The signature on this form may be electronic (typed in) and the person signing off on this form must be the same as the person who signed the Subawardee Agreement.  Fiscal reports should be named as “[your award number] 1st Period Fiscal Report”  (Ex. “1-AUBU-NY-SA14 2nd Period FiscalReport” or “2-BATA-NY-SA14 2nd Period Fiscal Report”).

If you are not claiming any expenses in the first report period, you must still submit a fiscal report form, entering “$0.00″ as the amount in the “expenditures per category for report 1″ (column D) and entering text in the “itemized costs within each category” (column E) saying  “all expenses will be claimed in report period 2″ (or something similar).

Along with your 2nd period report, please be sure to complete the Affidavit of Standards Compliance as well, which you can find here:

All supporting documentation must be scanned into a single PDF file and must be in the order that it appears in your fiscal report.  Having your report in order is greatly appreciated and reduces the amount of time needed to review reports.  Supporting documentation should be named as “”[your award number] 2nd Period Supporting Documentation”.  (Ex. “1-AUBU-NY-SA14 2nd Period Supporting Documentaiton” or “2-BATA-NY-SA14 2nd Period Supporting Documentation”).

All expenses must be incurred in calendar year 2014, between January 1st and December 31st.  Proof of the expense and proof of payment must be submitted for all expenses included.

A copy of the RFP can be found here for your reference:  2014 Sub Award RFP

Things to Keep in Mind:
  • Pay close attention to the allowable and unallowable costs listed on the last four pages of the RFP.  


  • All travel expenses must be kept within the federal per diem rates set by GSA!  A hotel rate exceeding the per diem rate, even by $1, will make the entire expense unallowable.  All airfare/train/bus travel must be in coach class in order to be allowable.  Please be sure to check the GSA rates on this website: and note that rates can and do change throughout the year.


  • Note that the maximum rate for consultants/contractors is $450/per day and/or $56.25 per hour.  If the rate exceeds this amount, the entire cost will be unallowable.  Trainers can be paid for 1 day of preparation per full day of training.  Consultants/contractors include anyone providing a training or anyone providing a service, who is not a member of your staff, that charges an hourly rate or daily rate.  If a flat fee for service is charged, the expense should go under the “other” category.  For example, if your accountant charges $25/hour to do tax preparation, that expense would fall under the consultant/contractor category.  However, if your accountant charges a flat fee of $4000 for an audit, not broken down into any time increments, that would fall under the “other” category.  


  • No food or drinks can be purchased with grant funds.


  • An item will only fall under the “equipment” category if it costs more than $5000.  If your purchasing an item that costs less than $5000, that would fall under the “supplies” category.


  • Registration fees for a training fall under the “other” category.  All travel expenses for attending a training, including hotel/lodging expenses, fall under the “travel” category.  


  • This grant runs for the calendar year of 2014.  All expenses included must be incurred and paid between January 1 and December 31, 2014.  


If you should need to change your grant budget from what was included in your approved application, you are able to move up to $900 (10% of the grant) around without doing  a budget modification.  However, you must check in with the Chapter Coordinator, Lisa Walker, before doing so to ensure that all expenses are allowable.  If you need to move more than $900, you will need to submit a budget modification.  All requests for budget modifications must be submitted by November 30, 2014 using this form: 2014 Subaward Budget Modification Form

If there are any changes to the staff/Board members who sign off on the sub-award agreement at any time during the year, you must submit a change contact using this form: 2014 Subaward Change of Contact Form

If you should have any questions, please contact Chapter Coordinator, Lisa Walker at or (516) 406-0225.  Thank you!


2014 Subaward Fiscal Report Form

2014 Subaward Budget Modification Form

2014 Subaward Change of Contact Form

2014 Sub Award RFP

2014 Affidavit of Standards Compliance